Labor continues to deliver for Queensland workers, with historic industrial relations reforms passed by State Parliament honouring a key election commitment.

Treasurer and Minister for Industrial Relations Curtis Pitt said Labor’s IR reform laws would set a new benchmark for workplace fairness in Queensland.

“Campbell Newman’s LNP government launched a full-scale assault on the rights of Queensland public sector workers,” he said.

“They turned back the clock 25 years with their draconian IR laws.

“We treated it as a matter of urgency to undo the damage these laws inflicted on working Queenslanders.

“We’ve returned their hard-fought rights and conditions, which will deliver real benefits for Queensland workers.”

Mr Pitt said the Industrial Relations (Restoring Fairness) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill reinstated employment security for Queensland public servants.

He said the laws would also restore the independence of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

“The previous LNP government’s IR regime reduced job security and created a climate of fear and uncertainty in workplaces throughout the State,” Mr Pitt said.

“The LNP’s laws attacked the day-to-day conditions and take-home pay of hardworking Queenslanders.

“They stripped away things like penalty rates and eroded conditions that had previously been safeguarded in enterprise bargaining agreements, including annual leave periods.

“The LNP used their three years in power to make it near impossible for workers to negotiate in good faith, which is why Labor is reinstating these important employment conditions.

“Our reforms will ensure the hard fought and won working rights of Queenslanders lost under the previous government are returned.”