The Palaszczuk Government has made Far Northern school zones safer by installing flashing traffic signals at school near roads that have been identified as dangerous.

This year around $1 million will be spent installing lights at 32 school, with five Far Northern schools getting upgrades this week:
• Freshwater Christian College
• Peace Lutheran College
• Woree State School
• St Teresa’s School
• McDonnell Creek State School

Treasurer and Mulgrave MP Curtis Pitt said St Teresa’s School had flashing lights installed at Robert Road on Thursday and McDonnell Creek State School got theirs on Wednesday.

“This program has been really well received and I’m keen to see even more far northern schools have flashing lights installed to remind drivers to slow down,” he said.

A statewide analysis was undertaken to identify the schools most in need of flashing signs.

Cairns MP Rob Pyne said that review took into account crash history, car and pedestrian volumes, speed limits and road environment characteristics will be used to identify which schools will receive this treatment.

“That’s why we had a set of lights erected on Windarra St outside Woree State School earlier this week,” Mr Pyne said.

“But we need motorists to play their part as much as we need students to pay attention to road safety.”

On Tuesday lights were installed along Brinsmead Road for Freshwater Christian College and Peace Lutheran College also received a set of enhanced school zone flashing at Harley Street earlier this week.

Barron River MP Craig Crawford said he was committed to doing as much as possible to work with the community on the issue of road safety around schools.

“I think some motorists tend to forget when they enter a school zone, so having a bright orange, flashing sign reminding you why you need to slow down is a great help in preventing serious crashes near our school kids,” he said.

“As a community let’s step up and commit to protecting our kids from danger by obeying school zone speed limits and paying extra attention on the road.”

School zone times are standard across Queensland so motorists have no excuse not to remember to slow down to 40km/hr between 7–9am and 2–4pm weekdays.

An enhanced school zone sign consists of a standard school zone sign that incorporates a flashing red annulus and twin alternate flashing yellow lights mounted above the ‘school zone’ plate that flash during the operation of a school zone.