Regional Queensland will get a fairer share of state government funding under Labor’s plan to reinvigorate towns and cities outside of South-East Queensland.

Member for Mulgrave and Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said an incoming Labor Government would replace the LNP’s flawed Royalties for Regions program with Building our Regions – a scheme that would benefit all communities in regional Queensland.

“Campbell Newman and the LNP have not delivered the investment into the mining communities that they claim,” Mr Pitt said.

“In fact Isaac and Central Highlands, the two local government areas which generate the most royalties, received only $14 million of the $300 million allocated under the first three rounds of Royalties for Regions.”

“Labor will ensure that all local government areas outside south-east Queensland will have a fair chance to build the transport, flood mitigation and community infrastructure they need.

“Labor recognises that regional Queensland is not one big Queensland community, but different communities with different needs.

“Labor’s plan will create jobs in regional areas and play an important part in developing those areas for future growth and prosperity.

“The LNP has failed miserably to match its actions to its rhetoric over the past three years. It has stripped hundreds of millions of dollars from regional infrastructure spending.

“There is a better way and that’s what Labor’s plan is about.”

Starting in the 2016-2017 financial year, a future Labor Government would:

• Provide $60 million over two years for the Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme and invite councils to seek dollar-for-dollar contributions towards vital transport infrastructure projects

• Establish a Regional Capital Fund of $70 million over two years that will be available to provincial cities and their surrounding rural areas

• Provide $55 million over two years in a Resource Producing Communities Fund that will be available only to those councils where there is significant mining activity, and

• Create a new Remote Communities Infrastructure Fund $15 million over two years to help ensure the most isolated parts of Queensland are not forgotten.

Commitments made under round four of the existing Royalties for Region program for 2015-2016 financial year will be met by a future Labor Government, providing projects meet necessary planning and financial requirements.

Government departments will not be permitted to apply for funding under Labor’s policy.