Shadow Treasurer and Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt said new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed youth unemployment in Cairns had soared again to 21.3% in November.

“This is the ‘no plan’ Newman Government when it comes to jobs and economic growth,” Mr Pitt said.

“Tragically, youth unemployment in Cairns has now hit 21.3%, up from 11% in March 2012.

“Under the LNP, it’s never been so hard for our kids to get a job.
“Campbell Newman promised he’d steer statewide unemployment to 4%, yet it’s going in the opposite direction.

“He’s walked away from his responsibility to provide opportunity for the next generation of workers, especially up here in the Far North.

“That’s because he has no plans for jobs, just a plan for a record $37 billion firesale of assets.

“That’s after promising Queenslanders he wouldn’t sell our assets, especially our electricity assets.

“Asset sales won’t lower our unemployment rate. It will just lead to higher power prices, less jobs and less revenue for the state budget.

“That fact is that Campbell Newman and Tim Nicholls have sacked 24,000 workers and viciously cut funding from frontline services and community groups.

“Queensland businesses have no confidence, which means they’re not hiring new staff.

“Only Labor has put forward policies for jobs. We know that in tough times you need to invest in people, to skill them up and prepare them for the next wave of economic growth.

“At the next election, Queenslanders will have a choice between Labor and our plan for jobs, and the LNP and its plan for asset sales.”