Policing in Gordonvale and Innisfail will take on a new dimension with the donation today of four TREK X-Caliber-8 mountain bikes by Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt.

Mr Pitt said he was contacted by Gordonvale Police who were keen to introduce bike patrols following the success of bicycles donated to Edmonton Police by the Edmonton Traders and Edmonton Lions.

“I thought the request was such I good idea I contacted Innisfail Police who said they would like to introduce bike patrols too,” he said.

[singlepic id=616 w=320 h=240 float=left] “The bikes will be useful across many parts of the local community but I’m particularly keen to see them in action in the CBD area to ensure people can shop in our local businesses with confidence.

“In a way it brings community policing full circle – police began with foot patrols and bikes, but the bikes were phased out in Queensland in 1975. Now they are again being seen as worthwhile with many advantages over conventional police vehicles.

“Bikes are able to go where police cars cannot and are able to swiftly manoeuvre around hazards.

“They are especially useful in parks and recreation areas identified as crime areas and due to a bikes relatively low noise police can use stealth to approach perpetrators with the speed advantage of being able to catch someone running away on foot.

“The bikes allow police to have more contact with community members – much like foot patrols – and they also provide health and fitness benefits to the officers involved.”

Mr Pitt thanked the staff at Trek and Discovery Cycles who were able to provide a good deal for the four bikes.
Discovery Cycles have really come on board with this project,” Mr Pitt said.

“They have provided free helmets, bags and lights – as well as free servicing for the bikes for as long as they are with the police service.

“I look forward to seeing the bikes on patrol in Gordonvale and Innisfail and hope to see them ‘pedal’ the message that crime does not pay to would-be crooks.”