Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the LNP’s focus on asset sales meant they didn’t have a plan for jobs.

Today’s ABS Labour Force data from October showed trend unemployment at 6.7%, with seasonally adjusted unemployment at 7%.

“In September and October Queensland’s trend unemployment rate is the highest since July 2003 and higher than at any point during the Global Financial Crisis,” Mr Pitt said.

“What a sad indictment on a Government that is far too focused on spin to come up with a plan to create jobs.

[singlepic id=613 w=320 h=240 float=left] “This is a Government that inherited a 5.5% unemployment rate, and promised a 4% unemployment rate.

“The first priority for Campbell Newman and Tim Nicholls is to sell our electricity assets which will only cost jobs.

“I don’t know where job creation sits for them but with the diabolical unemployment data we keep seeing, it should be first and foremost.

“5,500 jobs were lost on a trend basis in October and 8,800 jobs were lost seasonally adjusted.

“On either measure of trend (a loss of 18,600) or seasonally adjusted (a loss of 20,200) there are fewer full-time jobs in Queensland than when Campbell Newman was elected.

“The trend unemployment rate is the second highest in mainland Australia and the seasonally adjusted rate is the highest in the nation.”

“On a trend basis another 35,800 Queenslanders have been added to the unemployment queue since the election.

“If you look into the detail and at the participation rate the reality is even worse with 46,700 Queenslanders no longer counted in the unemployment statistics after giving up looking for work.

“That’s over 82,000 Queenslanders who have either joined the unemployment queue or have given up looking for work since the election.

“This data comes on the back of the weak retail trade figures released on Tuesday, and the contraction of State Final Demand by 0.4% over the year to June.

“Without our exports, Queensland’s economy would be going backwards.

“Queenslanders want a Government focused on jobs, not asset sales.

“Only Labor is focused on jobs. We already have many jobs policies released, including Skilling Queenslanders for Work, which is about providing the young people and the long-term unemployed a chance at a job, and our plan for payroll tax relief for employers of apprentices and trainees.”