Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the Treasurer must face up to the challenges Queensland businesses are facing because of his Government’s record electricity price hikes.

“Under the LNP, Queensland’s domestic economy is going backwards and unemployment is at GFC levels because businesses have lost the confidence to hire more staff and invest,” Mr Pitt said.

“No amount of spin from the Treasurer about red tape can hide the fact that Queensland’s State Final Demand has contracted over the year to June. Without our export industries, the Queensland economy would be going backwards.

“And yesterday’s retail trade figures showed Queensland lagging behind every state after a contraction of 0.1%.

“Record electricity bills are hurting Queensland businesses, despite the Premier promising to lower power bills prior to the last election.

“I’ve got no doubt that businesses would much prefer the cheaper power bills they were promised by Campbell Newman, rather than being relieved of their car rego stickers.”

Mr Pitt said the Treasurer was in denial about the state of the business sector in Queensland.

“Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) boss Nick Behrens said earlier this year that the LNP Government’s electricity price increases would threaten businesses’ ‘profitability, competitiveness and in some cases viability, and small business owners were justifiably concerned’.

“We also know that many of the Treasurer’s other measures have backfired.

“His so-called ‘eco-tourism reforms’ have merely allowed Ray Stevens to moonlight as an investor and a consultant in a private sector project, his waste levy changes have led to Queensland becoming a dumping ground for New South Wales, and the changes to Workcover mean it’s now harder for employees to make claims against negligent employers.

“The Treasurer will keep spinning in the lead-up to the next election, but nothing he does can change the fact that under the LNP, economic growth is lower, unemployment higher, and the domestic economy has contracted.”