Queensland still lags behind other key states in the latest State of the States report, especially when it comes to jobs growth, Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said today.

Mr Pitt said that under the Newman Government’s watch, Queensland was now the worst state for unemployment when compared to CommSec’s ‘normal rate’ and was only in front of the ACT.

“At 6.4%, Queensland’s employment is higher than ‘normal rates’ and well exceeds Campbell Newman’s promise of 4%,” Mr Pitt said.

“That’s bad news for Queensland’s economy and bad news for Queensland job seekers.”

Mr Pitt said Tim Nicholls and Campbell Newman needed to address the problem and stop ignoring it.

“When independent experts say the high unemployment rate is holding back the economy, it’s time to act,” Mr Pitt said.

“Trend unemployment is the highest it’s been in 11 years and Campbell Newman inherited an unemployment rate of 5.5%.

“Instead, Tim Nicholls and Campbell Newman continue to ignore the problem, preferring instead to bury their heads in the sand.

“The LNP’s only plan is asset sales and that means more job cuts and a revenue black hole of at least $2 billion a year which will cause long-term structural damage to the Queensland budget’s bottom line.

“Instead of the LNP focussing on itself and using taxpayer funded advertising to promote unwanted asset sales, it really should be implementing a plan to promote sustainable jobs growth.”

Mr Pitt said it was time for the Government to act.

“Queensland is ranked seventh when it comes to jobs and we know small businesses are doing it tough,” he said.

“So far, the Newman Government has ignored sluggish retail spending and keeps saying ‘don’t you worry about that’ when it comes to jobs.

“Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. The Government needs to listen to experts and act accordingly.

“The Newman Government’s only plan is asset sales and all that will do is make the problem worse.”