Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the August unemployment data from the ABS showed Queensland’s unemployment rate still at levels well above when Campbell Newman was elected.

“Campbell Newman promised a 4% unemployment rate. Today’s data shows it was 6.7% seasonally adjusted in August,” Mr Pitt said.

“Even the trend measure is 6.7%, up from 6.6% in July. This is the highest trend unemployment rate in Queensland since July 2003.

“There are fewer full-time jobs in Queensland under the LNP. On a seasonally adjusted basis there are 11,000 fewer full-time jobs than at the election. On a trend basis there are also 600 fewer full-time jobs than at the election.

“On a trend basis 5,300 full-time jobs have been lost since August 2013.

“This data comes on the second anniversary of the Newman Government’s decision to break its key election promise and sack 14,000 workers. That number has only climbed in the two years since.

“It’s a betrayal matched by the Premier’s shallow promise to lower electricity bills, something else he said before the election and has failed to deliver.

“This is a Premier that has only one plan for Queensland, and that’s to sell off Queensland’s assets.

“He wants to flog off our ports, not to mention huge chunks of the electricity network.

“That just means more job losses, higher electricity prices, and a weaker budget.

“Labor has put forward many policies focused on jobs and job creation. Only Labor has a plan for jobs while the LNP has a plan for asset sales.”