Treasurer Tim Nicholls’ admission today that the Newman Government’s major infrastructure commitments are mere suggestions to be “considered” by a new LNP administration show the Government has been misleading Queenslanders.

Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said Labor had been warning for months that the LNP had overcommitted its infrastructure spend attached to planned asset sales by at least $1 billion.

Mr Pitt said that while the Treasurer spruiked an $8 billion infrastructure fund to come from asset sales, the LNP had already conservatively committed $9 billion worth of projects.

“The Treasurer has finally come clean with Queensland,” he said.

“The LNP can’t speak about a single promise they have been talking about recently with any certainty because they over-reached and over committed.

“By Treasurer’s own words today, even new hospitals can’t be assured under this government.

“Campbell Newman and the LNP Government have been trying to mislead Queenslanders and now the truth has come out.

“Campbell Newman promised an extension of the Gold Coast Light rail dependent on asset sales and we now know there is no certainty that will be delivered.

“Campbell Newman promised road upgrades for the Sunshine Coast and we now know there’s no certainty they will be delivered.

“A new hospital for Kingaroy was promised and we now know that there’s no certainty it will be delivered.

“The Bribie Island community has just been promised a bridge duplication and we now know there’s no certainty that will be delivered.”

Mr Pitt said the Newman Government had failed the trust test yet again.

“The Newman Government and Tim Nicholls need to be honest with Queenslanders,” he said.

“They must explain exactly which projects they’ve been talking about recently they can and will actually deliver,” he said.

“Promising a project when you’re really just musing about a project and will see how it stacks up against other projects is misleading.

“The Newman Government is taking Queenslanders for mugs and using hollow infrastructure announcements to try and justify its ideologically-driven asset sales regime.

“Labor has listened and we know Queenslanders don’t want asset sales.

“The Newman Government is arrogantly pushing ahead with asset sales and misleading Queenslanders in the process.”