Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the LNP had no mandate to waste millions of dollars engaging global investment bankers to sell off Queensland assets.

“Campbell Newman, Tim Nicholls and the LNP have wiped their hands of the will of the people. The LNP is selling Queenslanders’ assets right now, they aren’t waiting for the election,” Mr Pitt said.

“The announcement today that the LNP has engaged bankers to sell off these assets shows they don’t care about what Queenslanders think.

“Taxpayers will be paying these bankers many, many millions of dollars, to sell off assets they don’t want sold.

“It just goes to show how the LNP takes Queenslanders for granted. They’re not asking for a mandate, they’re selling off the assets now.”

Mr Pitt said Queenslanders had already paid a hefty price for the LNP’s asset sales.

“Taxpayers have spent in excess of $20 million on Campbell Newman’s asset sales advertising campaign, while the LNP has refused to release the costs of the previous scoping studies they’ve conducted into these assets.

“While the Abbott Government is happy to reveal this information, the arrogant and secretive Newman Government is intent on hiding the truth from Queenslanders.”

Mr Pitt said only Labor was listening Queenslanders.

“Campbell Newman’s asset sales will lead to higher electricity prices for families and businesses, more job losses, and a massive drop in budget revenue over the next 30 years.

“Labor has listened to the people of Queensland. They do not want their assets sold.

“The choice at the next election is clear: the LNP will sell your assets, Labor will not.”