Southern LNP spin doctors Crosby Textor are pocketing Queensland taxpayer money as part of the Newman Government’s advanced plans to sell public assets, but the Premier has refused to reveal how much they are being paid.

Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said Campbell Newman was forced during question time today to admit the LNP had engaged the PR firm run by former John Howard strategist Lynton Crosby during the asset sales process.

“The process of selling assets has already started under Campbell Newman’s LNP Government despite promises they wouldn’t,” Mr Pitt said.

“We know the LNP have already spent tens of millions of dollars preparing assets for sale but have refused to release details.

“They’ve already started the process of engaging merchant bankers and international lawyers to advance the assets sales process and they’ve already spent up to $20 million on Strong Choices.

“And now we know that Campbell Newman has engaged LNP mates Crosby Textor in the process.

“How much of that $20 million are they being paid?”

Mr Pitt said the Premier should immediately inform Queensland how much Crosby Textor was benefitting from the taxpayer purse.

“We know Crosby Textor benefitted from the lion’s share of $1.2 million in research funding during the LNP’s 2012 election campaign,” he said.

“How much are Crosby Textor getting from the public purse now?

“It’s not good enough for the Premier to say, ‘Don’t you worry about that, I’ll tell you later’.

“Queenslanders deserve to know and they deserve to know now.

“The Newman Government claims to be open and accountable.

“If that’s true, the Premier and the Treasurer need to tell Queenslanders today who has been engaged as part of this process and how much they are being paid.”