Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said Queensland families would be stunned to hear the Premier admit he doesn’t know how his electricity asset sales will impact household budgets.

“Campbell Newman promised to lower power bills, yet they’ve gone up on average by over $440 since he was elected,” Mr Pitt said.

“Now the Premier is forging ahead with his electricity asset sales without any idea how they will impact everyday Queenslanders’ power bills.

“Why won’t the Premier be upfront when it comes to how power bills will be affected? Why won’t he admit that his plan will drive up power prices and tell Queenslanders by how much?

“Before the last election the Premier said he would do everything he could to lower the cost of living, including lowering electricity bills. It’s patently clear he lied to Queenslanders to get their votes, and once they put their trust in him he broke those promises.

“It’s typical of the LNP to come up with a plan that benefits big business and big bankers, but abandons Queensland families.

“The LNP’s plan to sell off our assets will cost Queenslanders at least $60 billion over the next 30 years, money that will go into the pockets of big business.

“Only Labor has committed to keeping our electricity assets in public ownership, saving jobs and ensuring the dividends these companies make go back to Queenslanders.

“At the next election, the choice will be clear. An LNP Government focused on asset sales, or a Labor Government focused on jobs.”