Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says Queenslanders deserve a full and clear explanation from Treasurer Tim Nicholls about funding arrangements for a string of projects following his comments on Brisbane radio today.

[singlepic id=598 w=320 h=240 float=left] “Campbell Newman and his Ministers have been running around Queensland promising projects to try and get Queenslanders back on side but it’s all been contingent on asset sales,” Mr Pitt said.

“That list of projects clearly adds up to more than $9 billion and by the Treasurer’s own words, the pool for infrastructure funding is just over $8 billion.

“If Tim Nicholls can’t do the maths, I’m sure ordinary Queenslanders can. $9 billion is more than $8 billion. It doesn’t add up no matter how you spin the numbers.

“Where are they going to get the extra money from after this $8 billion is spent in one hit?

“Which Queensland assets are next on Campbell Newman’s chopping block?”

Mr Pitt said selling Queensland assets would also squander $60 billion in potential revenue over the next 30 years.

“Campbell Newman and Tim Nicholls have already spent more than $15 million on the Strong Choices propaganda campaign only to be told by Queenslanders that they don’t want their income producing assets sold off.

“Asset sales are the LNP’s only plan for Queensland and will do nothing but continue to drive up electricity prices and the cost of living and result in more job cuts.

“We are talking about forgoing $60 billion in revenue over the next 30 years which is revenue that could be used to retire debt and pay for future infrastructure.

“When unemployment is at 6.8% and the highest it’s been since the GFC, Queensland can’t afford asset sales from an arrogant Government that just won’t listen.”

LNP’S commitments for asset sales proceeds with published or conservative cost estimates:

26 March 2014
Townsville Bulletin — Port sale could boost bid for a super stadium
• Townsville super stadium — estimated cost $150 million

2 April 2014
AAP — Asset sales, cuts or tax to fund Qld dams
• 8 x new dams at approx. $200-300 million each — $1.6 billion min
• Raising the wall of Wivenhoe Dam — estimated cost $830 million

4 June 2014
Australian Truck News — Queensland road projects to hinge on asset sales
• Rural and regional roads fund — estimated cost $1.5 billion
• SEQ roads fund — estimated cost $1.5 billion

4 & 21 July 2014
ABC Radio News
• New Kingaroy Hospital — estimated cost $70 million

11 June 2014
Rail Express — Rail funding contingent on Qld asset sales plan
• Brisbane Bus and Train Tunnel — $1 billion for total estimated cost $5 billion

18 July 2014
Gold Coast Bulletin — LNP and Council of Mayors agreed to extend the light rail to heavy rail in time for the 2018 Commonwealth Games
• Extension of Gold Coast light-rail network — estimated cost $1.375 billion

3 June 2014
Strong choices investment program
• Future Schools Fund- $1 billion

19 August 2014
Campbell Newman Promises Sunshine Coast Road Upgrade
• $440 million