Adam Willimott and Curtis Pitt MPThe Innisfail PCYC Mobile Stage Truck will be coming to an event near you thanks to a $1,000 donation by Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt.

Mr Pitt said he was happy to help out when he heard that the PCYC needed to spend money on the 24 year old truck to keep it reliable.

“The Mobile Stage Truck is capable of opening out on one side or two to a maximum size of 7.5 by 7.5 metres for use at music festivals and community events and is a more affordable alternative at a maximum $500 a day hire than the more expensive professional staging companies who charge as much as $2000 a day for their stages, Mr Pitt said.

“The PCYC wanted to continue providing this affordable service, but with more than $3000 in annual running costs plus an identified upgrade of several important engine and vehicle components they required assistance to get it done.

“The last thing they want to do is break down on the way to an important event and for the event to be cancelled because they couldn’t get there.”

Innisfail PCYC Branch Manager Sergeant Adam Willimott welcomed the financial contribution by Mr Pitt and said that to date the truck had been to many events around the region.

“The Mobile Stage Truck has been to Port Douglas, Atherton, Townsville, Cairns, Mission Beach, Babinda, Tully and Cardwell for their community festivals, Relay for Life events, youth music festivals, live music at skate competitions, battle of the bands, street parties, cyclone recovery events, employment expos and film festivals,” Mr Willimott said.

“These events are all about inclusion and getting as many people out and about to celebrate, be entertained and be informed.

“We have been to all these events for $500 maximum hires – excluding petrol expenses – and in some instances there has no charge at all to groups with no money.

“Community organisations wishing to hire the Mobile Stage Truck which can be supplied with or without sound and lighting can phone Innisfail PCYC on 4061 3442.”

For more information visit the website