Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the Newman Government had no plans to arrest Queensland’s ‘skyrocketing’ unemployment rate, now at an 11-year high.

The official Australian Bureau of Statistics data for July showed seasonally adjusted unemployment in Queensland of 6.8%, up from 6.3% last month.

“The official numbers don’t lie and they tell a very disturbing story. Unemployment in Queensland is skyrocketing under the Newman Government,” Mr Pitt said.

“The 6.8% recorded in July was the highest since June 2003. Not during the global financial crisis or in the aftermath of the devastating natural disasters did Queensland’s unemployment rate reach these heights.

On both a seasonally adjusted and trend (6.5%) basis, unemployment is higher than it has been for over a decade.

“The data shows 12,600 were jobs lost in July. Of these job losses, 12,000 were full-time. There are now 14,200 fewer full-time jobs than when the LNP was elected in March 2012.

“The participation rate has also decreased to 66.2%, which means more people are giving up looking for work.

“The unemployment rate was 5.5% when the Newman Government was elected. They promised to lower it to 4%. In July it was 6.8%.

“Whether it’s cutting near 20,000 Government jobs, hammering businesses with record electricity prices, or slashing funding to community employers across the state, this is an ‘anti-jobs’ Government.

“Given the unemployment rate nationally has increased to 6.4%, its clear that in Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman, Queenslanders don’t have a federal or state government that is interested in creating jobs and protecting quality working conditions.

“Only Labor has put forward comprehensive jobs policies like Jobs Queensland, Skilling Queenslanders for Work, and our payroll tax rebate for employers of apprentices and trainees, just to name a few.

“At the next election, the choice will be clear: an LNP Government that focuses on asset sales, or a Labor Government that focuses on jobs.”