Campbell Newman and Tim Nicholls have made up their minds to sell Queensland’s assets and are refusing to listen to Queenslanders’ very clear message, Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said today.

Mr Pitt said expensive paid advertising placed by the Treasurer in national newspapers seeking lawyers, accountants and tax specialists to advise the Newman Government during their imminent asset sales process was proof the Premier and Treasurer were ignoring very strong public opposition to the move.

“There were plenty of backflips announced by the Premier yesterday but asset sales was not one of them,” Mr Pitt said.

“Despite Queenslanders saying ‘no’ to the proposed sell off of more than $33 billion worth of public assets during the Strong Choices ‘consultations’, the LNP still don’t get it.

“We’re talking about assets that generate revenue and selling those assets means selling the revenue too.

“Clearly, yesterday’s media stunt was about self-preservation for Campbell Newman and Tim Nicholls, and not about listening to Queenslanders.

“This arrogant LNP Government should be listening to Queenslanders who have made it clear time and time again that they do not want asset sales, even as recently as at the Stafford by-election.

“However, the fact is that Tim Nicholls has already spent millions on advice, in secret and with no mandate so the cost of asset sales is already being borne by taxpayers.

“The LNP never sought a mandate to spend millions of our taxpayer dollars in secret to start the largest asset sell-off in our State’s history.

“Instead of spending millions of taxpayer dollars more on yes men paid to tell the Treasurer what he wants to hear, Mr Nicholls should listen to voters who have already sent a very clear message.”