Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said Campbell Newman was too busy arrogantly picking fights with Queenslanders to come up with a jobs plan that would arrest the sharp increase to the state’s unemployment rate.

Mr Pitt said the official ABS data for the month of June showed Queensland’s unemployment rate increasing to 6.3% seasonally adjusted, up from 6.2% in May and well above the 5.5% the Newman Government inherited in March 2012.

“The Premier said he’d drive the unemployment rate down to 4%, yet now it sits at 6.3%. If that’s not a broken promise I don’t know what is,” Mr Pitt said.

“It shows that the Premier’s plan of picking fights, sacking workers, not investing in infrastructure and selling off state assets is doing nothing to tackle unemployment in Queensland.

“June has seen a huge drop in full-time jobs of 10,500 seasonally adjusted, which is the largest fall in the nation. Only an increase of 12,700 part-time jobs, which as the Treasurer will tell you includes jobs of only one hour, has seen Queensland record a positive result in overall jobs for the month.

“On a seasonally adjusted basis there are 1,100 fewer full-time jobs than at the election, a sad indictment on a Government elected on a promise to lower the unemployment rate.

“Campbell Newman has no plans to create jobs and drive down Queensland’s unemployment rate.”

Mr Pitt said only Labor was genuinely interested in getting Queenslanders into jobs.

“Labor’s has released a suite of jobs programs aimed at empowering young people and the long-term unemployed that have given up because of the Newman Government’s disinterest in jobs.

“Our Jobs Queensland policy will see Government and industry work together to boost opportunities for employment.

“Skilling Queenslanders for Work will give the long-term unemployed and disengaged youth the skills they need to make themselves attractive to employers.

“Ready for Work is designed to help young people with practical skills like CV and interview preparation, allowing them to make the final step from job applicant to employee.

“And our payroll tax rebate for employers and apprentices will make it financially attractive for businesses to give aspiring tradies and young workers a chance.

“We’ve also released visionary policies like Advance Queensland, which will see a greater focus on the industries and technologies of the future, which will in turn create the jobs of the future.

“All these policies and many more are available on our website.

“Unlike the Newman Government, Labor is focused on jobs, not asset sales and higher electricity prices.”