July 1 will see average Queensland households cop a 13.6% electricity price hike, bringing total price increases so far under the Newman Government to $560.

“Campbell Newman arrogantly promised to lower Queenslanders’ electricity bills, yet ever since he’s become Premier they’ve just gone up and up and up,” Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said.

“Already in 2013-14, electricity bills have gone up an average 22.6%. Starting July 1, 2014-15 prices will increase by 13.6%. That’s an extra $560 on the average power bill under the Newman Government.

“And that’s just the average. Many families have told me their power bills have gone up by even more.

“When Campbell Newman was in Opposition he told Queenslanders that if he was elected Premier, he’d put in place a plan that would lower their power bills.

“Many families, feeling the weight of cost of living pressures, took him at his word.

“He arrogantly chose to break a key election promise, and every Queensland family and business that pays an electricity bill is paying the price.

“Now his only plan for electricity is to sell off electricity assets.

“Queenslanders know that will simply lead to even higher electricity prices and even more job cuts.

“Campbell Newman should issue a public apology to Queenslanders for deceiving them on electricity prices, and he should finally deliver on one of his promises and backflip on his plan to privatise electricity assets.”