Member for Mulgrave, Curtis Pitt,  says taxpayers in Far North Queensland will again be the losers as the Newman LNP Government plans more multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns to battle its poor opinion poll ratings.

Mr Pitt said anyone in FNQ could produce a list of projects that could be funded by the millions of dollars of their money the LNP had already wasted and was planning to waste in its asset sales advertising campaign alone.

“LNP Ministers have reacted to the huge fall in the Newman Government’s poll ratings by saying they have failed to sell their message,” Mr Pitt said.

“That is code for arrogantly dipping into taxpayers’ pockets to buy more politically motivated advertising.

“The LNP simply is too arrogant to work out that it is not the selling of their message that is at fault, it’s the entire message itself.

“For more than two years the Newman Government has talked down our state economy and finances; sacked up to 20,000 government workers just to pay for its unfunded election commitments; cut frontline services; and broken the promises it made to cut the cost of living.

“It has also been dividing our community by launching attacks on anyone who disagrees with it, whether they are teachers, nurses, lawyers, or judges.

“But easily its most arrogant effort has been to push its asset sales agenda even though before the election it promised it had an economic plan that didn’t need asset sales to work.

“It is doubly arrogant to then waste up to $20 million of taxpayers’ money on massive advertising campaigns and a ‘consultation’ process whose outcome it ignores because people send the message they don’t want asset sales.

“It is now also spending millions of dollars on an ad campaign targeting nurses’ pay-packets just weeks after its six-month dispute with hospital doctors when it tried to impose its WorkChoices-style employment contracts.

“I can think of plenty of projects in the Far North that could be funded with all that money the LNP wastes on self-serving but misleading advertising.”

Mr Pitt said the latest Newspoll showed people were making a clear choice between Labor and the arrogant LNP led by Campbell Newman.

“The Labor Party is taking nothing for granted. We still have almost nine months to go before a possible 2015 election and while the trend in polling for Labor is welcomed, we need to continue to work hard to earn the trust of voters.”