Shadow Treasurer and Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt said Labor was the only party with a plan to tackle youth unemployment, as the latest ABS data shows youth unemployment hitting 21.7% in the Cairns region.

“The LNP Government has given up on our kids and seems content consigning them to long-term unemployment,” Mr Pitt said.

“Our region has the highest youth unemployment rate in the state, almost doubling from 11% in March 2012 when the Newman LNP Government was elected.

“We are miles above the state figure of 13.6%, which has also increased since the LNP came to power. Our year-ending regional unemployment rate in May was 8.2%, which is well above the state unemployment rate of 6.2% and higher than the figure was at the election.

“Before the last election the LNP said it had a plan to take our state to 4% unemployment, but that was obviously another empty promise ready to be broken by an arrogant government.

“Campbell Newman’s only plan is to sell assets and increase electricity prices. How will that help our kids get jobs?

“Only Labor has committed to a suite of jobs policies that will boost employment and give hope to those kids that need help when it comes to entering the workforce.

“Our Skilling Queenslanders for Work program will help up-skill our young people and long-term unemployed, and our Ready for Work program will give young job seekers the practical tools needed to seek work — basics such as CV preparation, interview skills and where to look for jobs, plus practical assistance on how to apply for work.

“Labor is unashamedly about jobs, while the LNP is all about asset sales and higher electricity prices. They have no plan to help our next generation of workers get a job and keep a job.”