Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said new data released just one day after the Newman Government’s third Budget revealed that the LNP has overseen a dramatic slump in Queensland’s domestic economy.

“Today’s National Accounts ABS data shows a 0.8% contraction in state final demand over the March quarter, the second consecutive contraction,” Mr Pitt said.

“It follows a 0.4% contraction in the December quarter.

“The domestic economy has slumped, unemployment has skyrocketed, and Campbell Newman’s only answer is asset sales.

“Campbell Newman’s asset sales won’t fix the negative 20% business investment nose dive next year – a result of the LNP having no plans for the economy beyond LNG and Campbell Newman talking down the economy for the past two years.

“And his asset sales certainly won’t create jobs, they’ll cut jobs.

“Campbell Newman said he had all the answers during the last election campaign, but the facts show he has hammered Queensland’s economy and stood by while unemployment has blown out to 6.3%.

“Not only is the LNP not managing the economy in the interests of everyday Queenslanders – it’s simply not managing the Queensland economy.”