Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said pensioners were the latest group in Campbell Newman’s crosshairs, with electricity and transport concessions set to be slashed in today’s State Budget.

“Pensioners will be devastated to hear that Tony Abbott’s cuts will make Campbell Newman’s electricity price increases even tougher to bear,” Mr Pitt said.

“It says a lot about the priorities of Mr Abbott and Mr Newman that they’re willing to attack the household budgets of Queensland’s pensioners.

“On top of the concession cuts, the Premier’s privatisation plans will only lead to even higher power prices, making it hard for many pensioners to keep the lights switched on.

“The Treasurer’s crocodile tears speak volumes on this issue. He described the Prime Minister’s cut to concessions funding as a ‘strong decision’.

“Pensioners already find it tough making ends meet. This is a cruel decision from Campbell Newman that will make that job even tougher.”

Mr Pitt said Queenslanders had no faith in the Treasurer’s declaration that there’d be no cuts to services and no new taxes.

“Queenslanders have heard it all before from this Premier and this Treasurer.

“There’s no difference between Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman. They say one thing before an election and they do the complete opposite afterwards.

“This is a Government that promised no job cuts, lower electricity prices and no asset sales.

“Ever since we’ve had 20,000 sackings, electricity prices have skyrocketed and there’s already been $11 billion worth of asset sales.

“And the next round of Campbell Newman’s asset sales will simply be a recipe for more job cuts and even higher electricity prices.

“One thing’s for sure: whenever the LNP makes a commitment you can almost guarantee it won’t happen.”