Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the LNP’s third budget of broken promises will leave Queenslanders with higher unemployment, higher deficits, and higher electricity prices.

“Campbell Newman’s plan to sell electricity assets will leave Queenslanders with even higher electricity prices, fewer jobs and lower services” Mr Pitt said.

“Queenslanders were looking for a budget about growth and jobs and all this Budget delivers is asset sales.

“There is no vision for Queensland. All there is is a ‘for sale’ sign across our state, and bigger hits to the hip pocket.

“The average family of four will pay $1,320 more in taxes than they did under Labor.

“Pensioners will struggle to keep the lights on, with electricity and other concessions cut by $223 million.

“Business investment next year will drop by 20% next financial year while private investment will drop by 11.25%, with coal and LNG exports the only real drivers of economic growth left in this state.

“In fact, without those export sectors, in particular the Labor-initiated LNG industry, the LNP Government wouldn’t come close to a surplus in 2015-16.

“And unemployment will remain well above the 4% Campbell Newman promised at the last election with unemployment forecast to remain at GFC levels for another year.”

“This is a sad indictment on the LNP’s economic management. Despite promising to supercharge the economy, the Premier and Treasurer have done nothing but rely on the export sectors fostered by the previous Government.

“As the economy slows under the Newman Government combined fiscal deficits have also blown out by $2.7 billion from 2011-12 to 2014-15 compared with the previous Labor Government.

“This shows that the LNP have only ever had one plan for debt and that is asset sales.

“These larger deficits confirm that their mass sacking of workers was always about funding the LNP’s previous election promises.

“The Premier’s answer is to sell off everything he can get his hands on, but that will only lead to more job cuts and higher power prices.

“Queenslanders don’t want more asset sales and they don’t even higher electricity prices.

“Labor stands with the people of Queensland in their Opposition to Campbell Newman’s asset sales.

“The choice is now clear: the LNP will sell your assets, Labor won’t.”