Jobseekers punished by the Abbott Government’s cruel and vicious first Budget will have a hard time finding work in Campbell Newman’s Queensland, Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said.

“Queensland’s unemployment rate has increased to 6.3% under Campbell Newman, after he promised to lower it to 4%,” Mr Pitt said.

“The Abbott Government’s attacks on jobseekers, including cancelling financial support for the first six months of unemployment, could be a social disaster for Queensland.

“That’s because ever since the Newman Government was elected, there’s been fewer full-time jobs in Queensland, and the unemployment rate has skyrocketed.

“Tony Abbott says everyone should work, yet Campbell Newman has overseen an increase in the unemployment rate not seen since the global financial crisis.

“There is less opportunity in Queensland than ever before because Campbell Newman is a job-destroying Premier.

“In Cairns, youth unemployment has doubled to 21.8%, in Ipswich its 18.4%, and in northern Brisbane its 17.9%. Tony Abbott’s vicious policies, specifically targeting those regions, will only compound the damage already done to the youth labour market in those areas.

“At the same time as there’s less work for Queenslanders, Tony Abbott is removing their financial support, making them pay a tax to go to the doctor, imposing on them a fuel tax, and ripping the guts out of health and education funding, threatening their quality of healthcare and limiting the opportunities of their kids.

“Next week, Queenslanders can expect another Campbell Newman budget of lies, arrogance and broken promises.

“It will do nothing to fix the damage Campbell Newman’s cuts over the last two years have already done, and it will do nothing to help Queenslanders find a job and make ends meet.”