Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says Premier Campbell Newman deserves 10 out of 10 for hypocrisy for supporting Tony Abbott’s broken promises and then complaining about them.

“Campbell Newman campaigned for Tony Abbott even though he knew an Abbott Government would follow the Queensland LNP’s blueprint by establishing a Commission of Audit before breaking promises, slashing jobs and frontline services, and lifting taxes and the cost of living,” Mr Pitt said.

“This is exactly what happened under Campbell Newman in Queensland where the cost of living has jumped and the tax burden on a family of four is now $1,000 higher even before cuts and extra taxes being imposed by the Abbott Government are taken into account.

“The Premier would have more credibility if he acknowledged that his own government has already made life harder for Queenslanders.

“In fact, Mr Newman has previously campaigned for harsh cuts from the Abbott Government, modelled on the cuts and tax increases he’s inflicted on Queensland.

“Queenslanders aren’t mugs. They know Mr Newman is only interested in his own political interests, which is why he’s now changed his tune and is mounting a hypocritical campaign against Tony Abbott for doing exactly what the LNP Government has done in Queensland.”

Mr Pitt said under the Newman Government the average tax paid by each Queenslander had risen by $257 a year since the 2012 state election.

  • Average tax per Queenslander in 2011-12 = $2,271*
  • Average tax per Queenslander in 2013-14 = $2,528*
  • Annual difference for family of four = $1,028

“Taxes that have been increased by the Newman LNP Government include car insurance tax; home and contents insurance tax; mortgage duty tax; life insurance tax; professional indemnity insurance tax; and the new emergency services levy,” Mr Pitt said.

“The Newman Government — just like the Abbott Government — also immediately turned around after the 2012 state election and broke a string of promises it made to voters.

“It said it had a plan to cut power bills, but all we have seen are huge hikes in bills.

“It said it would provide Queensland households with ongoing annual savings of $80 a year on the water bills, but then offered a one-off rebate only to those in the south-east corner.

“It promised to freeze car rego bills, but then said its promise did not cover CTP insurance despite never making that distinction before the election.

“The Premier personally promised that public servants had ‘nothing to fear’ from him, yet now 20,000 of them have been sacked.

“And he also failed to tell Queenslanders the extent to which he would cut services, including slashing $3 billion out of the health system.”

“Campbell Newman lecturing Tony Abbott about cuts is like Tony Abbott lecturing Campbell Newman about broken promises.”

*Sources: 2011-12 Queensland Treasury Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review and 2013-14 Queensland Budget Papers