Shadow Minister for Water Supply Curtis Pitt said it took three rounds, but finally the LNP’s Royalties for Regions program was actually delivering funds to the part of the state where most of the royalties came from.

“From the start, the LNP’s Royalties for Regions program was nothing more than a political slush fund. How else can you explain the Kingaroy area receiving over $15 million while Mount Isa received nothing,” Mr Pitt said.

“Labor’s Deputy Leader Tim Mulherin met with Mayor Tony McGrady months ago and has been pushing the LNP Government to do everything they can to help Mount Isa tackle their water supply issues.

“In the context of the entire funding program, $500,000 is only a pittance from the LNP, but something’s always better than the nothing Mount Isa’s been given up to this point.

“The funding for this vital program comes in stark contrast to the LNP’s waste of $2.6 billion on the Premier’s personal skyscraper project in the Brisbane CBD.

“Why is it so hard to find money to help a Council provide adequate water to its community while billions are wasted on the Premier’s new office building?”

Mr Mulherin congratulated Mayor McGrady on his advocacy.

“Mount Isa is critical to our state’s economic performance. We cannot allow the ravages of drought force this city to a standstill.

“I was happy to do what I could to put pressure on the LNP to get their heads out of the sand and take action to help the Council address the issue.

“I think more can still be done, and I look forward to working with the Mayor and Council to ensure they get their fair share of funding to make it happen.”