Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said Tony Abbott’s first Budget showed breaking election promises was in the LNP’s DNA, with new taxes and huge cuts to health funding set to massively impact Queensland.

“Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman are two peas in a pod. They say anything to get elected, and then they break promise after promise to the people who put their trust in them,” Mr Pitt said.

“Last night’s Federal Budget shows that the Prime Minister hasn’t learnt from the Premier’s problems with telling the truth.

“He couldn’t have been clearer during the last election: there’d be no new taxes under an Abbott Government.

“It was the same as when Campbell Newman promised to lower electricity prices and drive unemployment to 4%.

“Now Queenslanders can expect to pay a GP tax, a so-called debt tax and even more tax when they fill up the car.

“The fuel tax, which is yet another cost of living hike for Queenslanders still reeling from massive cost of living rises under the Newman Government.

“Under the Liberals and Nationals, it will be more expensive for students to study, there’ll be less support for those who can’t find work, and with the pension age increasing Australians will have to work harder and longer just to get by.

“How does increasing taxes on Queensland families help create jobs for Queenslanders? That’s what I’m most concerned about, especially with unemployment at 6.3%.

“This Budget rips $351 million next financial year from National Partnership Payments for Queensland, which means big reductions in services in areas like health and education. This was just one of the surprises from the ‘No Surprises’ Abbott Government.

“We also have grave concerns around future changes to health funding. Health funding will no longer be calculated on the number of patients that need to be seen. So if you head to an emergency department but the hospital has already seen its quota, you might not be treated.

“It seems the Federal Treasurer is urging his Liberal Premiers to get behind an increase to the GST. Does Premier Newman support an increase in the GST, which would hit low income earners even harder than what the Prime Minister is already doing?

“None of these new imposts on Queenslanders were flagged with people before the last election.

“Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman have proven they simply cannot be trusted.”