Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said despite the LNP’s $6 million taxpayer funded political advertising campaign, there is no doubt they will push ahead with more asset sales over the next 10 months.

“The LNP like to pretend they listen to Queenslanders, but the reality is they do what they want regardless,” Mr Pitt said.

“You only have to look at what LNP MP for Stafford Chris Davis has done this week. He polled his electorate on the CMC changes, and 73% of people said they don’t support the changes. Yet what did he do? He voted for the Government’s changes anyway.

“The LNP’s already broken so many promises to the people of Queenslanders that they can’t be trusted on anything, especially asset sales.

“Campbell Newman’s broken every promise he’s made, and if you have a look at what’s happening in Canberra you’ll see that the conservatives won’t hesitate to break their promises either.

“At least today the Treasurer admitted that he’s already done what he says he is asking Queenslanders’ permission for. He’s already increased taxes, he’s already cut jobs and services, and he’s already sold off $11 billion worth of assets without a mandate.

“Despite wasting $6 million of taxpayers’ money on this campaign, the Treasurer has now admitted the Newman Government will make decisions based on economic advice, and not the results of consultation with Queenslanders that it has made such a virtue of.

“I’m not surprised the public have said they don’t want asset sales. What’s clear is that only Labor has listened to that message.

“The only option that the LNP have push polled that made it into the top five relates to private equity investment in the electricity network – which Campbell Newman yesterday admitted is a partial asset sale as I’ve been saying all along.

“What is surprising is that the LNP is happy to mislead Queenslanders when it comes to private sector financing of electricity. If Queenslanders were told the truth, that it is in fact privatisation, they wouldn’t support that either.

“It’s time the LNP turned their attention to jobs and jobs growth. Queensland’s unemployment rate is 6.3%, higher than it ever was during the GFC.

“The Treasurer’s number one priority shouldn’t be selling assets, it should be lowering unemployment to the 4% they promised at the last election.”

“It did not go unnoticed that in a media release from the Treasurer regarding the latest jobs data, there was not a single mention of the peak jobless figure of 6.3% unemployment.

“While the LNP don’t want to talk about the jobless rate, the Labor Opposition is talking about the importance of jobs to our economy.”