Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said Queensland families must prepare for more tax increases from the Newman Government, after the Treasurer failed to rule them out in State Parliament today.

“The Treasurer had the opportunity to rule out tax increases today and he refused,” Mr Pitt said.

“It’s not surprising given the Treasurer has overseen tax hikes of $1,000 per year for the average Queensland family since the LNP was elected.

“What sneaky tax increases can Queensland families expect from this tricky Treasurer? With asset sales on the agenda, there’s no doubt that this upcoming budget will be great for banks and big business, but what are the LNP preparing to do to Queensland families?

“His magic pudding approach to budgeting, where he’s apparently selling off billions of assets, spending all the proceeds on dams, stadiums, tunnels and toll roads, while paying down debt, is complete rubbish.

“More tax increases from Campbell Newman and Tim Nicholls will only compound the pain families will experience next week when the Abbott Liberal Government hands down its first Budget.

“Between the Treasurer’s tax increases and his mass firesale of state assets, the upcoming budget will hammer economic growth and be a further hit to job creation.

“Under the LNP, unemployment has increased to 6.1%. Youth unemployment in some regions is over 20%.

“That’s despite the Premier promising to ‘supercharge’ the economy and lower unemployment to 4%.

“Under Campbell Newman and the LNP, there are fewer job opportunities and higher taxes on families.”