Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said Tim Nicholls cannot leave his taxpayer-funded asset sales PR meeting in Toowoomba without explaining why the LNP has already increased taxes, cuts to jobs and services, and sold $11 billion worth of assets.

“Tim Nicholls is running around Queensland at taxpayers’ expense saying his only choices as Treasurer are to raise taxes, cut jobs and services, or sell assets, when it reality he has already done all three,” Mr Pitt said.

“At last year’s budget, the Treasurer insurance tax hikes helped increases taxes on the average family by around $1,000 since the Newman Government was elected.

“The cuts to jobs and services across the state, but especially in Toowoomba, have been extraordinary, including closing two schools (Toowoomba South and Charlton), shutting down the Darling Downs Correctional Centre which cost 40 jobs, and sacking over 20 nurses.

“And the sale of Queensland tollroads to the private sector last week means the Newman Government has now sold $11 billion worth of assets, including school and hospital sites across the state.

“These are all broken promises from Campbell Newman and Tim Nicholls.

“The fact is that since Tim Nicholls has been Treasurer, gross state debt has risen by almost $15 billion. That’s over $830,000 extra debt every hour.

“And that’s despite the increased taxes, huge cuts to jobs and services and $11 billion worth of asset sales the LNP has embarked upon.

“The people of Toowoomba will not be hoodwinked by the LNP. They know the Treasurer is wasting $6 million on a taxpayer funded advertising campaign designed to help the LNP politically, not help Queensland economically.

“The people of Toowoomba, like Queenslanders across the state, want a measured, steady strategy to make Queensland’s budget stronger, not a panicked firesale of assets as the Treasurer proposes.

“Under the LNP, Queensland’s assets will be sold off. Under Labor, they won’t. It’s that simple.”