Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the Commsec’s State of the States report, released today, shows Queensland’s economic growth and population growth performance has weakened since the LNP was elected in March 2012.

“Commsec’s report shows that, not only has growth weakened, but Queensland is ranked seventh among the state and territories when it comes to population growth,” Mr Pitt said.

“When population growth slows as it has under the Newman Government, so does economic growth. The figures prove that fewer people are coming to Queensland, meaning fewer people to help build a stronger, more robust economy.

“The facts show that LNP’s mismanagement of Queensland’s economy has seen growth slow and unemployment increase.

“Unemployment stands at over 6%, despite Campbell Newman promising to lower unemployment to 4% during the last election.

“Its clear that the Premier spends more time dealing with his own scandals and those of his Government, than focusing on jobs and economic growth.

“As Commsec points out, LNG exports will drive growth going forward. This is an industry set up by the previous Labor Government, something the Premier recognises himself and was recently pointed out by Westpac in their Coast to Coast report.

“Instead of focusing on economic growth, Tim Nicholls is politicking and spending $6 million on a taypayer-funded misinformation campaign aimed at convincing Queenslanders to sell the assets they’ve made clear they wish to retain.”