Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says the views of Gold Coast residents expressed at a meeting tomorrow will not change the Newman Government’s view on asset sales.

“The Treasurer says he is discussing ‘choices’ about the state’s finances when in fact there is no choice, he is set on selling assets,” Mr Pitt said.

“The Treasurer has done all he can to avoid hearing arguments about any alternative plans by enforcing ballots for tickets to attend the meetings he is holding around the state and mounting a $6 million ad campaign with a clear pro-asset sales message.

“There is widespread ridicule that the website associated with this wasteful campaign fails to take into account alternatives to asset sales.

“Today on radio, Brisbane-based economist Gene Tunny labelled the ‘Strong Choices’ campaign a game and a bit of a joke.

“I am sure Gold Coast residents can think of a better way to spend $6 million of taxpayers’ funds.

”It is a disgrace that just a few weeks ago the Treasurer said the state was going broke and now he can find $6 million to splurge on a campaign that the LNP should be funding from its own sources.

“The meetings the Treasurer is hosting sum up the Newman LNP Government — they highlight its arrogance, failure to genuinely listen, and its self-indulgence by using taxpayers’ funds to mount clearly political campaigns,” Mr Pitt said.

Mr Pitt said ‘Strong Choices’ should include information about the choices the Newman Government had already made.

“The LNP say we have a ‘choice’ to increase taxes or reduce services or sell assets, when they’ve already done all three” he said.

“In just two years, they’ve increased taxes by more than $1,000 a year for the average family of four, and they’ve slashed services and sacked 20,000 workers including front-line nurses and teachers

“And they’ve already sold $4 billion in public assets without asking anyone, including office buildings for $237 million less than they’re worth and will then rent them back at a cost of $1.2 billion to taxpayers.

The Newman Government have already made up their mind. ‘Strong Choices’ is a charade”.