Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said today’s ABS jobs figures for March showed unemployment at 6.1% seasonally adjusted.

“Every month, Queenslanders get another reminder of Campbell Newman’s broken promise on jobs,” Mr Pitt said.

“Mr Newman went to the last election with a cruel hoax – that he actually had a plan for job creation and to drive the unemployment rate down to 4%.

“When Mr Newman was elected in March 2012, unemployment sat at 5.5%. Today’s figures show a 0.6% increase to 6.1%.

“Unemployment has now been above 6% for three straight months — back to levels not seen since the GFC.

“Like all of Mr Newman’s pledges, such as lowering electricity prices, lowering water prices, protecting government workers and not selling assets, his election commitment on jobs was as hollow as it gets.

“Instead of wasting $2.6 billion of taxpayer funds in the next decade or so on his new Executive Building in Brisbane, he could be spending that money on new job-generating infrastructure projects across the state.

“Campbell Newman has let down Queenslanders time and time again, especially those being hammered by rising unemployment.”

Mr Pitt said full-time jobs had taken another battering, with 1,900 jobs lost in March.

“Once again under the LNP, there are less full-time jobs for Queensland workers.

“In fact, there are 12,100 fewer full-time jobs seasonally adjusted in Queensland than when Newman was elected.

“Any jobs growth under the Newman Government is being driven solely by part-time workers.

“While more part-time jobs are welcome, this Government is sitting on its hands when it comes to facilitating full-time jobs growth.

“Given the Treasurer’s campaign against part-time workers when he was in Opposition, questioning if they should even be counted statistically, you’d think creating more full-time jobs would be a priority.”