Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the Newman Government’s shambolic approach to asset sales consultation is continuing, with the Treasurer again limiting access to the next round of asset sales forums.

“First he held closed-door meetings, now he’s demanding that Queenslanders enter a ballot to be a part of a forum. Why is every meeting the Treasurer has on asset sales a closed-door, invite-only meeting where he controls the invite list?,” Mr Pitt said.

“If the Treasurer is so sure about his asset sales plan, why is he scared to hold open Town Hall meetings across the state, giving as many people as possible the chance to be a part of the debate?

“This isn’t the Olympics opening ceremony, you shouldn’t need to enter a ballot and go into a draw to get a ticket to take part in a meeting with the Treasurer.

“The Premier and the Treasurer are fully aware that Queenslanders want state assets to remain in state hands, yet they’re pushing ahead with their asset sales anyway.

“That’s why they’re again limiting access to Queenslanders who want to take part in this debate, effectively silencing many people who are entitled to be heard.

“The Treasurer also needs to explain how much this ballot process is going to cost to administer. Is this ballot plan the brainchild of the $20,000 a month taxpayer funded spin doctors he’s brought in to help sell his political message?

“Only Labor has listened to Queenslanders. In Gladstone yesterday, the Opposition Leader reaffirmed Labor’s commitment to keeping the Port of Gladstone in state hands.

“Under the LNP, your assets will be sold. Under Labor, they won’t. It’s that simple.”