Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said Queenslanders would again feel the pain from Campbell Newman’s broken promises, with water bills set increase again on 1 July.

“At the last election, Campbell Newman promised to lower electricity and water bills for all Queensland households, and to lower unemployment,” Mr Pitt said.

“He’s dismally failed on all three counts.

“News yesterday that Brisbane water bills will increase by $72 on average next year is more hip pocket pain for Queenslanders who were promised relief by the Newman Government.

“The LNP promised Queenslanders an $80 a year rebate on their water bill to households across the state, but once elected they restricted that rebate to south-east Queensland residents only, and then cut it after one year.

“The increased water bills will be added to the $460 increase to electricity bills over two years, not to mention the deeper impact of an ever-increasing unemployment rate under this Government.

“All this while the LNP revels in self-indulgence, especially when it comes to the $2.6 billion wasted on the Premier’s personal skyscraper in the Brisbane CBD.

“The Premier said he had a plan to tackle the rising cost of living in Queensland, but instead it’s just broken promise after broken promise.”