Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt said families in Far North Queensland had been let down by a series of broken promises from Campbell Newman and the LNP Government.

“Two years ago during the last election campaign, Campbell Newman promised to make electricity cheaper, to lower unemployment, invest in infrastructure and to lower the cost of living,” Mr Pitt said.

“Every family in Far North Queensland knows that under Campbell Newman’s leadership, electricity prices have skyrocketed, unemployment is through the roof, and other costs like water bills and insurance taxes have all increased.

“And while the Premier wastes $2.6 billion on his own personal skyscraper in the Brisbane CBD, the Cairns Entertainment Precinct is sadly long gone thanks to the LNP, they scaled back a $32 million CBD project to a $5 million contribution and hundreds of jobs have been cut from frontline health services.

“Our region has a youth unemployment crisis with the rate of unemployment for people aged 15-24 at 21.5% – significantly higher than the state unemployment rate of 13.4%. This is a crisis that not only affects our economy now, but has dire consequences for the future of our region.

“This isn’t helped by soaring TAFE fees which in many cases is pricing many of our young people out of studying for the qualifications they need. The Newman Government has no understanding of what ordinary people can afford and no understanding either of the value of Queensland’s TAFE institutions to the communities they serve.

“Here in Mulgrave, the LNP has no excuses as to why they can’t at least fund an investigation into the dredging of the Johnstone River. The Minister has ruled it out, even though money was promised by the former Labor Government.

“And in our region, the increase of the insurance tax, something Campbell Newman promised he wouldn’t do, has made insurance so expensive that many people now can’t afford to insure their homes.

“Campbell Newman promised Far North Queenslanders the world at the last election, but he’s broken almost every single promise and made life tougher for thousands of local families.”

Mr Pitt said Mr Newman was gearing up to break another promise and sell-off state assets.

“Mr Newman and Mr Nicholls went to the last election saying they had a plan to pay off debt that didn’t include asset sales.

“Now they’re going back on that promise, preparing to sell off ports, power stations and other state assets.

“Labor is listening to Queenslanders. We know that Queenslanders want public assets to stay in public hands for the long term, and we’re committed to delivering on that.

“What Queenslanders want is more jobs and services and a stronger economy – not more cuts and more asset sales.”