Shadow Energy spokesman Curtis Pitt said the Energy Minister’s much-touted ‘savings’ from cutting the 8c Solar Feed-in tariff (FiT) would equate to less than $1 per month per household.

The Energy Minister today introduced legislation into the Parliament to abolish the Solar FiT, despite promising before the election it was safe.

“After increasing electricity bills by an average $460 over two years, the Minister’s acting like a hero for delivering savings of less than $1 a month,” Mr Pitt said.

“The Minister has admitted on ABC radio (7 March) that the savings for households would be $10 per year. Does the Minister think families that have been smashed by his electricity price hikes will be lining up to thank him?

“The fact is that the Campbell Newman and the LNP went to the last election promising to lower electricity prices.

“Since they’ve been elected, the average family has had to deal with price increases of $460 over two years.

“Pensioners have been even harder hit, with the Government ramping up the fixed charge by 92% this year.

“The Minister has demonised solar users for embracing renewable energy, moving the goal posts after they were elected.

“The LNP deliberately misled the people of Queensland on electricity prices before the last election, and the people of Queensland will be reminded of that every time they open their electricity bill.”