Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the Newman LNP Government has no plans to lower unemployment, with ABS data out today showing the unemployment rate in February increased again to 6.2% seasonally adjusted.

“Campbell Newman and Tim Nicholls have given up on lowering Queensland’s unemployment rate to the 4% they promised at the last election,” Mr Pitt said.

“The unemployment rate, at 6.2%, is more than half a per cent higher than the 5.5% they inherited.

“There are also fewer full-time jobs in Queensland today on either a seasonally adjusted or trend basis than when Campbell Newman was elected.

“The reality is that Queensland’s lower participation rate under the LNP continues to mask how bad this jobs crisis is. If the participation rate was at the same level today as it was in March 2012, the unemployment rate would be 7.4% seasonally adjusted.

“Queenslanders have been giving up looking for work in droves because the Newman Government has hammered economic confidence across the state. There are 31,000 Queenslanders who have given up looking for work since the election.”

Mr Pitt said after 20,800 jobs were lost between November and January, jobs growth in February, including 28,100 part-time jobs, was a welcome correction.

“Given the LNP’s woeful jobs growth record in recent months, the jobs growth in February was long overdue.

“This is not be something Mr Nicholls should arrogantly gloat about. His inability to generate any net gain in full-time jobs since the election is having a real impact on family budgets across the state.

“Queenslanders have long since given up on the LNP doing anything to help jobs growth. Let’s hope the falling dollar, lower interest rates and continued growth, still strong thanks to Labor’s efforts to open up new export industries, drives that jobs growth even further in the months ahead.”