Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the Treasurer’s asset sales lecture tour of Queensland was a sham, after the Treasurer admitted that the public will be shut out of the debate.

“Campbell Newman simply isn’t listening to Queenslanders, and the Treasurer looks set to follow suit,” Mr Pitt said.

“Why doesn’t the Treasurer have the courage to publish the full itinerary for his asset sales lecture tour and have open community forums where the public can express their views?

“This whole process shows that the Treasurer thinks genuine, two-way consultation with the public is a joke.

“When it comes to asset sales, Queenslanders sent a strong message to all political parties at the last election. It sounds like only Labor is listening to that message.

“The issue for Queenslanders at the next election is clear. The LNP will sell your assets, Labor won’t. It’s that simple.”

Mr Pitt said Queenslanders deserved a Government that listened to them.

“The Queensland public is fast realising that the Newman Government is not the Government they voted for.

“They don’t listen, and they’re not willing to engage with Queenslanders on the issues that matter.

“The LNP has the same attitude to asset sales as they do to towards Community Cabinets: shut the public out and don’t listen to their concerns.”

“Our job as elected representatives is to listen to people but we have a government that wants to have closed-door meetings, shut down debate and won’t give people an opportunity to have their say.”

“They really have earned the reputation as the ‘arrogant, know-it-all Newman Government’ for a reason.”