Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says the Premier has endorsed the Treasurer’s attempts to hide from the people of Queensland, refusing to publicly release Mr Nicholls’ itinerary for his asset sales lecture tour of Queensland.

“The Premier’s refusal will ensure Queenslanders are kept in the dark about where the Treasurer is supposed to be listening to them, confirming that his tour is just a stunt and the Newman Government is going full speed down the asset sales road,” Mr Pitt said.

“If the LNP Government was serious about a discussion on asset sales, they’d publicly release Mr Nicholls’ itinerary for all Queenslanders to see.

“Instead, the Treasurer seems intent on lecturing Queenslanders, not listening to them.

“By the Premier and the Treasurer refusing to release the list of destinations on Mr Nicholls asset sale lecture tour, it’s clear they plan to hide from scrutiny as much as possible and avoid engaging in a real conversation with everyday Queenslanders.

“The Premier and Treasurer’s plan to sell off Queensland’s assets such as port authorities could really impact regional areas like Gladstone, Rockhampton and Townsville, as well increasing electricity prices if the Treasurer fulfils his long-held dream of selling off the electricity network.”

Mr Pitt said it’s clear that the LNP had made up its mind to sell off Queensland’s assets, despite promising Queenslanders they had an economic plan at the last election.

“Just as they did with electricity prices, Campbell Newman promised Queensland he had a plan to build a stronger economy that didn’t include asset sales.

“Just like electricity prices, he either intentionally misled Queenslanders or he’s run out of ideas.

“At the next election, the choice for Queenslanders is clear. The LNP will sell Queensland assets, Labor won’t. It’s that simple.”