Shadow Treasurer and Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt has called on the Premier to explain to Far North Queenslanders why he’s broken his promise to lower the cost of living at his Community Cabinet at Tully and Mission Beach this weekend.

“Campbell Newman promised to lower electricity bills and to protect infrastructure investment and vital frontline services, but he’s failed on all counts,” Mr Pitt said.

“At the Innisfail Community forum this week, which wasn’t attended by any state LNP MPs, there was an almost unanimous view that rising cost of living pressures are killing our region.

“On average in Queensland, electricity bills this year have risen by 22.6%. Next year they’ll rise by over 13%.

“That’s after Campbell Newman promised to lower your electricity bill in his now completely discredited ‘Contract with Far North Queensland’.

“He’s also shown a complete disregard for the fact that we live in a cyclone zone and therefore pay higher premiums.

“Campbell Newman’s insurance tax increase from 7.5% to 9% has been felt really hard in our area, with some premiums reportedly rising by 1000%. That’s just compounding the misery on people who’ve already been through more than enough.

“And he’s also increased his emergency services tax, without any increase in services. It’s a revenue grab, plain and simple.

“In fact, on average Queensland families are paying $1000 more in taxes now than when the LNP was elected. Campbell Newman’s sticking his hands in the wallets of Far North Queenslanders, and we’re getting nothing in return.

“As one lady said in Innisfail earlier this week, her electricity bill has doubled, her insurance bill has tripled, and her rates bill has gone up by 30%. The people of this area will find it very hard to deal with cost pressures like that.

“It’s not just taxes. Over 200 health workers have been sacked in Far North Queensland, and infrastructure investment has been cut by the LNP by $185 million, meaning less construction jobs and less economic activity in the region.

“I hope plenty of people in our area get along to the Community Cabinet and ask Campbell Newman why he’s broken promise after promise after promise to the people of Far North Queensland.”