Today’s ABS jobs data shows that Queensland’s unemployment rate has increased to 6.1% seasonally adjusted, nearly two years after Campbell Newman’s promise to lower the unemployment rate to 4%.

“Unemployment today is now 0.6% higher than it was when the LNP was elected, despite the Premier promising to lower unemployment,” Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said.

“The fall in jobs in Queensland in January of 11,700 is the largest fall of any State or Territory in the nation.

[singlepic id=556 w=320 h=240 float=left] “It’s yet another broken promise that is making life difficult for families, on top of the record electricity and water bills that Campbell Newman promised to lower.

“With the Redcliffe by-election on Saturday week, the people of Redcliffe will be asking if the Premier has any idea how he will stem the unemployment crisis in this State.

“And people cannot believe a word this Treasurer says on jobs figures.

“He flip-flops between seasonally adjusted and trend figures as it suits him.

“He talks of ‘mighty’ efforts in job creation but has never once admitted that the LNP have not created one net new full-time job since they were elected.

“The LNP has abandoned its promise to lower the unemployment rate and ease the pressure of families struggling to earn an income.

“All the while, this Premier wastes $2.6 billion on his own personal skyscraper project, something he failed to tell the people of Queensland about prior to the last election.

“The Premier has no plan to create Queensland jobs. He has no plan to lower electricity and water bills, even though he promised Queenslanders he’d do so.

“Only Labor has a put forward a job creation plan that will drive jobs growth, assist the long-term unemployed get back into the labour market, and skill-up our workforce to meet the economic opportunities of the future.”