Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says the Newman Government’s broken promise to cut power bills has seen it turn out the lights on elderly consumers in regional Queensland.

“Figures from the Queensland Competition Authority show that in the September quarter of 2013 there were 856 pensioner households in regional centres disconnected by Ergon following the LNP’s massive 22.6% power price rise effective from 1 July last year,” Mr Pitt said.

[singlepic id=558 w=320 h=240 float=left] “Ergon covers regional Queensland so these 856 households will be in the very rural and regional communities that the LNP said it would look after.

“This was a 62% increase in disconnections for the elderly compared with the June quarter 2013 when there were 530 pensioner and concession card holder disconnections due to non-payment.

“This is proof in black and white from the Newman Government’s own QCA that the LNP’s failure to keep its promise on reducing power prices is impacting those who are already struggling with the cost of living because they are on a fixed income.

“These 856 pensioner households had their power cut off because they could not afford the LNP’s massive bills.

“Who knows how many more will be affected when the 13.6% second round of the Newman Government’s power price rises hits in July this year.

“These same householders were told by the LNP at the last election that it had a plan to cut power bills, water bills, and car rego.

“Yet in each case the Premier has failed to keep his promise made to householders through his Contract With Queensland.

“Even before the LNP was elected to office the now Treasurer Tim Nicholls was saying he had a plan to cut power bills.

“So far we have seen no evidence of any plan and I doubt if one ever existed.

“Just like their promises on water bills and car rego, the LNP misled voters into thinking it had all the answers.

“It shows nobody, especially the elderly living in the dark, should ever trust the LNP again,” Mr Pitt said.

QCA report covering Sept qtr 2013 (see page 4):

QCA report covering June qtr 2013 (see page 4):