Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says national business peak body the Australian Industry Group has exposed the fact that consumers have not felt the claimed impacts of carbon pricing on power bills.

“The Newman Government has been directly responsible for a record 22.6% rise in average power bills which are now starting to arrive in letterboxes across the state,” Mr Pitt said.

“No wonder it has been doing all it can to divert attention by peddling a scare campaign about carbon pricing.

“The AIG has clearly stated that any plans to scrap carbon pricing will not deliver the big drops in power costs promised because most of its alleged impact on bills have not been passed on.

“The Premier keeps promising big cuts in power bills if carbon pricing is scrapped as Tony Abbott promised.

“But it is his own government that has already failed to deliver the $120 a year in ongoing savings each year he promised at the last election.

“The Newman Government has fundamentally failed to meet this core election promise and instead under the LNP power bills are skyrocketing.

“Figures from the independent Queensland Competition Authority show that if the carbon tax and green schemes alone were responsible for cost increases, bills would rise by 3% — not the record 22.6% delivered by the Newman Government.

“The average power bill increase this financial of $268 follows an average increase of more than $140 last financial year.”

Mr Pitt said analysis by St Vincent de Paul had previously found that fixed supply charges were increasing by 92%, with households now paying $200 a year before even flicking a switch.

“The Newman Government has demanded electricity retailers tell consumers that carbon pricing is adding $259 a year to their bills,” he said.

“But that is based on assumptions of large household sizes and higher consumption than the actual average.

“Queenslander’s won’t be fooled by the Newman Government’s tricky deception on power prices.

“Consumers deserve better than an arrogant unaccountable Newman Government that promised to lower both electricity bills and the cost of living and then introduced record cost of living increases,” Mr Pitt said.