Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast road workers will be among the next victims of the Newman Government’s mass cull of the public service.

Roadtek crews who repair and maintain the region’s state road network will join the unemployment queue before the end of the year after Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson outsourced their jobs.

They are among 600 Roadtek workers in South East Queensland who are being sacrificed in a $280 million deal with private sector contractors.

Shadow Main Roads Minister Curtis Pitt said it was a kick in the teeth for workers who had helped the region recover quickly after recent natural disasters.

“They are being sacrificed to the Newman Government’s ideological desire to privatise as many government functions as it can and to sack as many people as it can,” said Mr Pitt.

“Mr Emerson has awarded five-year road asset management contracts worth $280 million for the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast so he can cut more jobs.

“He has the temerity to claim that the contracts will underpin local jobs, a hypocrisy that will not be lost on the families of about 600 Roadtek workers who will have lost their jobs before the end of the year.

“What a Christmas present from the LNP.

“Last week 140 people were cut and there are more to come. That means Queensland will lose the skills of experienced and dedicated workers whose value was emphasised during the magnificent effort in cleaning up after the natural disasters.

“South East Queensland’s capacity to recover quickly and efficiently from future disasters is greatly compromised by Mr Emerson’s short-sighted and politically motivated decision.

“This is a Minister who sold off more than $98 million worth of plant and equipment as a prelude to outsourcing.

“Now private companies will make profits from taxpayers for providing road maintenance services because the Newman Government does not respect the public sector and no qualms about eroding it.”