The latest unemployment figures prove yet again that the Newman Government is toxic for Queenslanders who want to work says Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt.

“The number of Queenslanders in full time jobs plummeted by 11,100 (seasonally adjusted) in August.

“Even with some growth in part time jobs Queensland recorded the largest fall in jobs in the nation in August.

“Queensland suffered the biggest fall in jobs in Australia last month and now has the second highest unemployment rate in mainland Australia.

“Yet despite this, Treasurer Tim Nicholls continues to be in denial and continues to crow about the great job the Newman Government is doing for the Queensland economy.

“What he will not talk about is the part his policies have played in the loss of 8,900 full-time jobs (seasonally adjusted) since he became Treasurer.

“While Queensland has gone backwards since March 2012 the rest of Australia has made progress, with 42,500 full-time jobs created in other states and territories.

“These conflicting sets of figures show again that the Newman Government’s signature policy – the brutal sacking of more than 17,000 public servants – has been a disaster for the economy and for job prospects across the State,” said Mr Pitt.

“The worst result in jobs in Australia in August drove Queensland’s unemployment rate back up to 6% (seasonally adjusted). When Campbell Newman was elected unemployment was 5.5%.

“And if the same number of people wanted to work (participation rate) as in March 2012 the unemployment rate would now be 7.7% (seasonally adjusted).

“Today’s Labour Force Australia statistics make grim reading for ambitious Queenslanders who want nothing more than the chance to earn a living.

“Premier Campbell Newman, you might recall, promised before he was elected that he had a plan to reduce the jobless rate to 4% over six years.

“Today that target is further away than when he made the promise.

“The plan clearly is flawed but unfortunately his Treasurer has not got the gumption to come up with another one.”