While it is a relief that today’s unemployment statistics are not as dire as feared the figures are further confirmation that the Newman Government has no idea how to deliver its election promise to bring down the jobless rate to 4% over six years, Curtis Pitt, the Shadow Treasurer said.

“Once again the monthly statistics tell the truth about the impact of the mass sackings and the LNP’s failing ideological economic management,” Mr Pitt said.

“Since the election, as 47,000 full-time jobs have been created across Australia, 12,100 Queenslanders have joined the unemployment queue.

“Trend unemployment rose again in Queensland last month from 6% to 6.1% and while it is pleasing to see that the seasonally adjusted rate has fallen to 5.9% in July it should be remembered that when Labor left office it was 5.5%

“Premier Newman’s target is further away now than it was when he made his wildly optimistic promise and it is sad and telling that the LNP delivered the weakest jobs growth in the 2012/13 financial year in more than two decades.

“The last time job creation was this weak in Queensland was during the recession of 1990/91.

“For all those who are seeking work, the longer the Newman Government is in power, the harder it becomes for the unemployed and youngsters entering the market for the first time to find a job.

“It is galling to see Treasurer Tim Nicholls claim credit for the improvement in seasonally adjusted unemployment.

“You can’t lift the rate to a decade high and then take credit when it starts to come down a bit.”