Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says Acting Treasurer Jeff Seeney must immediately rule out the use of Queensland Government resources to cost federal Coalition election policies.

“On ABC radio today the federal Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey suggested the resources of Liberal or LNP state governments are being used by the federal Coalition to cost its election promises,” Mr Pitt said.

“Mr Seeney must immediately explain exactly what use Mr Hockey and the federal Coalition parties have been making of taxpayer-funded resources in the state government.

“As Acting Treasurer Mr Seeney must explain if Treasurer Tim Nicholls has been allowing state resources to be used as Mr Hockey suggests.

“Queensland Treasury and other departments should not be subsidising the federal Liberal and National Parties.

“Taxpayers deserve to know if that has happened on Mr Nicholls’s watch or is still happening under Mr Seeney as Acting Treasurer.

“If it has been happening then the Premier needs to outline what action he plans against Mr Nicholls or Mr Seeney,” Mr Pitt said.

Extract of comments by Joe Hockey from today’s AM program on costing election promises:

NAOMI WOODLEY: So will you rely on the independent pre-election update issued by Treasury?

JOE HOCKEY: We are using the Parliamentary Budget Office, we are using State Government colleagues, we are using independent advisors, we have a range of different sources…….