State Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt is calling for the ongoing power problems at Pease Park Showgrounds to be resolved before the centenary show celebrations to be held in 2014.

Mr Pitt said it was a case of ‘back to the future’ on the Thursday night of this year’s show, with ring events cancelled to avoid the likelihood of blackout.

“It’s not just the about the future of one of the area’s biggest annual events. There have also been issues for others in the past including the Innisfail Turf Club, PCYC, the Pony Club, the Golf Club, and the Woodworkers’ Guild, and all would benefit from this issue being resolved,” Mr Pitt said.

Mr Pitt spoke in Parliament about this issue in May 2013 after writing to the Minister for Local Government.

“While I was disappointed with the dismissive tone of the Minister’s response, he did make it clear in his letter that he wanted me to work with Council and the Show Society, and that he looked forward to hearing my suggestions,” he said.

“My proposal is a dollar-for-dollar funding arrangement between Cassowary Coast Regional Council and the State Government.

“Conversations between Show Society Committee member Don Clark and representatives from Ergon Energy have resulted in an estimated cost of around $120,000 for the necessary works.

“Previously it’s been assumed that the price tag would be up to three times that amount so on this basis, the game has changed significantly. An amount of around $120,000 is a realistic and attainable figure.

“Not only did Council see to make a sizable contribution to the Kirrama Range Road in a cost-sharing exercise with the State Government, but to also take responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of that road.

“In the case of the Innisfail Showgrounds, we’re not talking millions of dollars or recurrent funding. We’re talking $60,000 from each level of government to resolve this issue.

“I’ve sought a meeting with the Mayor, Councillor Nolan, Councillor Rule, Councillor Farinelli, and will invite the Member for Hinchinbrook to help progress this matter.

“I’m asking that both levels of government give proper consideration to funding for power reliability, and work together on behalf of the Innisfail community to ensure the future of the area’s biggest annual event and improved local disaster management options.”

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22 February 2012

7 March 2013